The skillsets required in modern marketing teams have expanded in line with the changing business and consumer landscape. With demand for skilled talent often outstripping supply, there is now greater emphasis on the hiring process.

This quick guide is an abridged version of Econsultancy’s Modern Marketing Job Descriptions Best Practice Guide. It looks at how organisations can develop a future-fit marketing team, from bridging the skills gap to staying ahead in the ‘war for talent’. It covers:

  • In-demand skills: What are the top 10 most sought-after marketing skills and why is supply outstripping demand?
  • Hybrid working: With flexible – or hybrid – working models upending typical office-based structures and offering clear attractions for workers, what are the main benefits for employers?
  • Attracting talent: Why does it help to view the hiring process as a marketing challenge, and what are the key considerations for creating compelling job ads?
  • Job descriptions: The anatomy of a job description can be broken down into several component parts – how can employers optimise these to attract the right candidates?
  • Employer brand: With a company’s culture and values becoming increasingly key in the ‘war for talent’, what can organisations do to improve and promote their employer brand in order to appeal to candidates and retain talent?