Against an increasingly competitive digital landscape, data is key to giving brands an edge, unlocking crucial customer insights in real time. A data-driven marketing strategy enables brands to optimise their marketing practices with better targeting and personalisation, and to make more informed business decisions.

This quick guide is an abridged version of Econsultancy’s data-driven marketing best practice guide, providing an entry point for brands looking to draft or update their own data-driven marketing strategy. It covers:

  • Customer insight: Data enables marketers to go beyond simple segmentation and understand customers as individuals. What are the many applications of this deeper understanding?
  • Key benefits: How can data-driven marketing aid decision-making, business growth and brand perception?
  • Privacy challenges: With regulation tightening around data collection, how can marketers navigate the impact this will have on access to data, and could the ‘cookiepocalypse’ be viewed as an opportunity?
  • Strategy: How can marketers best derive value from data and what frameworks can brands use to develop their data strategy and drive actionable insights?
  • Execution: From creating a data vision to building a solid data foundation through storage, governance and cleansing, what are the starting points for putting a data-driven marketing strategy into action?